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I'm Dr. Elena Gross, a neuroscientist, PhD in clinical research and most importantly - a former chronic migraineur. The lack of tolerable and efficacious treatment options for migraine led me to pursue a MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford and a PhD in Clinical Research at the University of Basel, with the goal of having better understanding of this common and debilitating disease and ultimately improving clinical care.

I am particularly passionate about the therapeutic benefits of ketosis and other nutritional interventions, the role of mitochondrial functioning and energy metabolism in brain health & neurological diseases (particularly migraines), as well as increasing our health span via disease prevention. 

I am the inventor of four patents, founder & CEO of Brain Ritual and creator of the Mastering Migraine Community. My migraine research papers have been published in high-ranking journals, such as Nature Neurology. 

My Migraine Story Expressed In Art

This is how I

used to feel most days.

This is how I feel 

most of the

time now.


My Mission

I strongly believe that my two decades of suffering were not in vain. I see it as my mission to build a community of self-empowered, strong-minded migraineurs, who regain control of their life and destiny, while working to remove the stigma around migraine.

I understand you and provide you with the knowledge and the support you need to better manage your sensitive brain health. I want to empower you to reclaim your life with preventive solutions and

self-care rituals for your brain.

Remember - migraine is your friend and not your enemy. It is trying to protect you and by learning how to properly take care of your high-performance brain, you can make sure that this warning signal is not needed anymore.

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